The Feminine Tide

Our mission is to guide you in analyzing your daily habits, in questioning your thoughts in order to change aspects/situations in your life that have slowly disempowered you.

When we feel heard and validated, we are capable of becoming healthy, creative, productive, efficient, and motivated people; of improving the quality of our lives.

We have a hard time staying accountable to ourselves, making the time to practice self-care. We have a lot of knowledge and not enough practice.

Women crave community. We want to know that we are not alone in our problems and in finding solutions to them.

Our vision is to create a support network for women, as we believe that together, we can go far.

The Feminine Tide specializes in bringing about transformation at the level of our beliefs and the patterns of thoughts and behaviors, as a way of liberating us of past conditioning, to create long-lasting changes in your life.

We want you to be human, to be vulnerable, to be real, to be authentic.

We want you to work with intention, to dive into your inner self, to incorporate new ideas; keeping a journal, taking care of your inner child, identifying triggers to interrupt them, and attempting to heal the wounds of your past by determining their lesson.

We use all the tools that our training has provided us, as well as our personal experiences in order to help you achieve a long-lasting transformation.

Rewrite your story. Reaffirm your power. Design your new life.

Be visible!  ·  Be heard!  ·  Be the sole owner of your dreams!

About Us

We are Gladys and Lara. Our methodology integrates psychology and coaching. We offer sessions together in order to offer a broader and more thorough approach.

I am Gladys Hernandez, co-founder of The Feminine Tide. I was born in Cuba and grew up in Puerto Rico. My life trajectory has taken me to live in different countries. During those years, I obtained a Master’s in Marketing and a Master’s in Psychology. The variety of experiences has taught me to be flexible and adapt to new situations. I know that when we think about change, our first reaction is resistance, but sometimes what looks like something that it’s going to turn our lives inside out, ends up teaching us that we are more resilient than we thought and that destabilizing situations can be opportunities for growth.

I am Lara Ekmekji, co-founder of The Feminine Tide I was born in Lebanon but I have lived in different cities around the world, including Madrid. My life experiences have turned me into a mirror for others; they have prepared me to understand what we need when we are faced with difficult situations and what are the steps necessary to keep moving forward. Everything I went through was transformative, and turned those experiences into reconstructive inner learning.

The most natural step for me was to become a coach (“Claim your Power” and “Life Coaching”) and use my experiences to help others find the answers they are looking for. I feel fortunate to be able to guide you on your path.

We will both work with you to delve into your deepest self and teach you to handle any situation. We will use tools like inner child connection, identification of triggers in order to interrupt them, and healing wounds of the past through the understanding of the lessons that can be derived from those experiences.

The integration of Psychology and Coaching offers a very dynamic, comprehensive and effective perspective that can be instrumental in accompanying you in your process.


Rewriting your story. Reaffirming your power. Creating a new life.

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