The Feminine Tide

The Feminine Tide, living with purpose, is a two-part program designed to touch on every issue that we all need to question as human beings (as opposed to human doings) during our lifetime to be able to share and enjoy a more conscious and happy life.

Upon completion of Part I, you will understand how you function and why; you will be more conscious of your emotions and perceptions; learn to be more courageous and disciplined to transform and connect with your inner self.

After the second part of the workshop you will have the tools to unlock the safe that is your comfort zone, getting you out if it, observe your limiting beliefs and discover who you are when you don’t depend on your past. You will learn to look at your life from a different prism, and change the way you act to achieve results more in line with your true purpose.

As women, we all share a set of extraordinary qualities that allow our social, cultural and natural contribution to be unique. Those qualities, namely, empathy, intuition, resilience, sense of responsibility towards others or a sense of giving, to name a few, could be hidden after years of trying to fit in a box that doesn’t adjust to our vital purpose.

Thanks to this workshop, you will be able to empower yourself to break patterns of auto sabotage once and for all, limitations caused by fear or victimization resulting from guilt. You will again enjoy loving yourself unconditionally, improve your self-esteem and your personal relationships will be smoother than before.

Be visible!  ·  Be heard!  ·  Be the sole owner of your dreams!

About Us

We are Gladys van Oosterum and Lara Ekmekji. We have been good friends for twelve years, and as good friends, we have been each other’s therapist.
Two years ago, we decided to dive into the concept of self-esteem, going deep into all its aspects, especially in the blockages that prevent people from finding their true essence.

All our lives, we have emotionally accompanied family members and friends through the guidance of our training, our experience and our cultural diversity. As we have witnessed the transformation they have achieved, and as a consequence of the multiple requests that we have received, we have decided to share the scope of our learning creating a two-part workshop for women only, where every single one of the participants is able to elaborate a version of themselves where they feel complete and unique.

At the same time, we will all be helping women less fortunate than us, donating part of the cost of the entrance to the workshop to a charity that combats sex trafficking in Spain.
Our objective is to help as many women as possible to achieve a happier and more satisfactory life.

A percentage of your proceeds

will be donated to

fight woman trafficking


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