The Feminine Tide

Our mission is to guide you in analyzing your daily habits, in questioning your thoughts in order to change aspects/situations in your life that have slowly disempowered you.

When we feel heard and validated, we are capable of becoming healthy, creative, productive, efficient, and motivated people; of improving the quality of our lives.

We have a hard time staying accountable to ourselves, making the time to practice self-care. We have a lot of knowledge and not enough practice.

Women crave community. We want to know that we are not alone in our problems and in finding solutions to them.

Our vision is to create a support network for women, as we believe that together, we can go far.

The Feminine Tide specializes in bringing about transformation at the level of our beliefs and the patterns of thoughts and behaviors, as a way of liberating us of past conditioning, to create long-lasting changes in your life.

We want you to be human, to be vulnerable, to be real, to be authentic.

We want you to work with intention, to dive into your inner self, to incorporate new ideas; keeping a journal, taking care of your inner child, identifying triggers to interrupt them, and attempting to heal the wounds of your past by determining their lesson.

We use all the tools that our training has provided us, as well as our personal experiences in order to help you achieve a long-lasting transformation.

Rewrite your story. Reaffirm your power. Design your new life.

Be visible!  ·  Be heard!  ·  Be the sole owner of your dreams!

About Us

We are Gladys van Oosterum and Lara Ekmekji. Gladys holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (1982) and an M.B.A. (1985). In 2013, she completed Master’s in Adolescent Psychology. Lara completed her  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from AUB (1996) and recently has completed two coaching courses: “Life Coaching”  from Tony Robbins and “Claim your Power” from Mastin Kipp in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

As good friends for thirteen years already, we have always been each other’s therapist.
Two years ago, we decided to dive into the concept of self-esteem and realisation, going deep into all its aspects, especially in the blockages that prevent people from finding their true essence.

All our lives, we have emotionally accompanied family members and friends through the guidance of our training, our experience and our cultural diversity. As we have witnessed the transformation they have achieved, and as a consequence of the multiple requests that we have received, we have decided to share the scope of our learning, creating a two-part workshop for women only, where every single one of the participants is able to elaborate a version of themselves where they feel complete and unique.

At the same time, we will all be helping cancer research for children, donating part of the cost of the entrance to the workshop to Sueño de Vicky Foundation, here is Spain.

Our objective is to help as many women as possible to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life.

A percentage of your proceeds

will be donated to

El Sueño de Vicky Foundation


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